Namecheap full review 2023: Is it the best beginner solution

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As its brand name says, Namecheap is one of lowest hosting price in the market with huge number of costumers. And it’s a good start for the new websites owners and e-commerce beginners

  • Website Migration: Free
  • Storage and Bandwidth : Unmetred for some plans
  • SSL certificate: Free
  • User Dashboard and cPane: Available
  • Security: Free CDN
  • Excellent  support team
  • Low domain price
  • Very good control panel and hosting tools (cPanel, Softaculous)
  • The data center in the USA Netherland and UK Money back guarantee
  • They support bitcoin
  • Shared and dedicated plans are 100% uptime guaranteelt
  • SSL certificate are free just for the first year in the shared hosting plans
  • No specialist ecommerce plans
  • Basic plans has a low storage
  • No phone support

What Is Namecheap?

In the year 2000, Namecheap has been created and specialized in web hosting and domain registration. They offer an automatic SSL installation at no cost for most of their plans, a website builder, also privacy domain name and protectionch, and unrestricted bandwidth. Furthermore, Namecheap extends its offerings beyond the basics services such as VPN services, website builders, and SSL certificates. All aimed at encouraging customers to establish a formidable online presence. Namecheap is a leading ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar. Namecheap has over 2 million satisfied users, and a staggering portfolio of more than 16 million registered domains across the globe.

What are Namecheap hosting plans?

Namcheap WordPress hosting

EasyWP hosting prices

WordPress is a well known non coding website builder and user friendly website creation platform, used to create blogpost and very huge business website using WP themes and plugins.

Namecheap EasyWP plans are more expensive in comparison with shared hosting plans, but they include more resources and optimized for WordPress use, Namecheap says “ they’re at least three times faster than a regular WordPress on it’s shared hosting account”, and they offer three WP hosting plans

EasyWP Plan

This plan Starter comes with a free CDN (Content Delivery Network), for performance boosting and a 10GB of storage, on this plan you can host one website and it can handle 50k visitors a month, it will cost you 2.08$ a month in the first year and a 2.91$ on the renewal, but it doesn’t come with an SSL certificate.

EasyWP turbo

The recommended plan by Namecheap, in this plan you can create one website that can handle up to 200k visitors a month with a 50 GB SSD storage, and this plan comes with a free SSL certification and free CDN, you will pay 58.88$ for the first year and 94.88$ for the renewal.

EasyWP Supersonic

The most expensive WP hosting plan that Namecheap provides, it also provides one website with 500k monthly visits with a SSD storage of 100 GB and it also offers a free CDN and an SSL certification.

Namecheap Shared hosting

Shared hosting plans prices

Hosting your website on a shared hosting plan means that your website will hosted woth other websites on one server, this is good for the speed and costs where all the users will share the maintenance cost between theme, wich allow them to create more then one website in one shared hosting plan,  and namecheap offers 3 shared hosting plans.

Stellear plan

It’s the most basic namecheap shared hosting plan, You can host up to three websites with your preferred CMS. It offers a free website builder ,email service ,20GB SSD and an unmetered bandwidth.

Namecheap also gives a free domain name and a free SSL certificate for one year in all plans. While its first payment price is an affordable $18.96 for the first year, and it’s renewable for 44.88$ / year.

Stellar plus plan

The recommended Namecheap hosting plan with a starting price at 30.96$ , users can create websites as much as they can but they must make attention to the file usage limitation (300000), users have access to automatic backups and unmetered SSD, you can create unlimited subdomains and parked domains, the also offers unlimited email accounts based on the your owned domains and subdomains.

Stellar Business

Similar to their precedents it offers unlimited websites and domain-based mailboxes.additionally you’ll get a 50GB SSD, auto backup and cloud storage, the Namecheap Stellar Business plan equipped with PHP accelerators such as eAccelerator and xCache, wich work to boost you website performance it come with a price of $58.88 for the first year and renewed with 108.88$/year.

Namecheap VPS hosting

VPS hosting plans

VPS stand for Virtual Private Server, VPS means a machine that offers virtual server resources on a physical, that means that you get faster hosting and you can host deferent application and websites in one place, it’s quite similar to make partitions on your website for more than one OS, but it comes with a really high cost, but it’s a very good solution for big businesses and gives full control over your data and handle hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.

The basic Namecheap VPS hosting Puslar, starts at a price of 6.88$ a month yearly billed and renewed at 9.88$ a month, it comes with 2 CPUs and a 2GB of RAM, the plan offers 40 GB SSD RAID10 storage and 1000 GB bandwidth.

The recommended Namecheap VPS hosting comes with a price of 154.56$/year, and renews at 190.56/year, it comes with 4 CPU cores and 6GB of RAM, 120 GB SSD RAID 10 storage and a 300 GB bandwidth.

For the most expensive plan, the Magnetar plan comes with 8 CPUs and a RAM of 12 GB and 240 GB SSD RAID  storage and 6000 GB bandwidth, with a pricing of 298.56$/year and renewed at 346.56$/year.

Namecheap Dedicated hosting

Dedicated server hosting plans

When you buy a shared or VPS hosting, you are forced to share you files and data with others, but with the dedicated hosting subscription will have your own server with resources fully deducated to your website, network, CPUs ,RAM ,so you will never have effected by others downtimes

Namecheap used to offer only a fiew dedicated plan, but right now there are 44, more than many other hosting provider. There’s a suitable plan for every one, starting at lower price at  $50 billed monthly for an unmanaged 4 core, 8GB RAM system, going up to around $250 for a 16 core CPU with 128GB RAM and fast-as-it-gets 4 x 1.92TB SSD NVMe storage. All plans include free migration and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

As with VPS hosting, the lowest prices are for unmanaged systems (you must run the server yourself.) Choosing the Complete Management option (Namecheap maintains the server for you) with a cPanel Solo license adds around $65 to the server cost (billed monthly.) But that’s still great value, especially as there’s no setup fee, and you can pay significantly more elsewhere.

The main issue with Namecheap is the lack of configuration options. You can’t take a base server and pay extra to add more RAM, or an extra backup drive, for instance: what you see is more or less what you’ll get. There’s still no Windows hosting option, and servers are only available in the Arizona data center: you can’t choose the UK or Netherlands.

If you don’t have any special configuration needs, and you’re looking to run a high-traffic or business-critical site where speed and reliability are vital, then Namecheap’s lengthy list of base servers and great value should earn it a place on your shortlist.

Also consider IONOS. It doesn’t have as many server plans, but there are some very cheap managed and unmanaged deals, and other options you won’t find at Namecheap (Windows hosting on some servers, storage servers with up to 48TB storage and US or Europe data centers).

Elsewhere, both A2 Hosting and InMotion Hosting have a wide range of managed and unmanaged plans, with unusually flexible billing to keep costs down (1, 3, 6 and 12 months.) And if you’re looking for real power, check out Liquid Web. Its high-end servers can handle just about anything, and the company’s 100% uptime and power guarantee (and excellent support) should get you an ultra-reliable service.

Our expert opinion

Namecheap is suitable solution for small businesses and novice website owners, that need a user-friendly hosting service at an affordable price, Namecheap offers a range of features with a beginner optimized hosting packages including shared hosting and WordPress managed hosting, the hosting service offers also a robust website builder and a friendly installer for CMS platforms.

In comparison with the first-year billing, the price will rise by the double sometimes. But still a good website hosting provider that we recommend with a good reputation in the industry.


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